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crab2, Jun 13, 9:44pm
Looking to use torrents what is a good site to learn how to use torrents, I've downloaded utorrent and want to learn how to work it. Thanks

ferita, Jun 13, 9:52pm
What are you wanting to download? ?????

hayster94, Jun 13, 9:56pm
You have to find a website that has the torrent file you are looking for. Then you just have to open it. Try isohunt.com

hatsuko, Jun 13, 9:56pm
UTorrent have a good FAQ/guide on their website or try googling "wiki bittorrent"

ferita, Jun 13, 9:59pm
If you are looking to steal stuff (pirated softwar music etc) then you just incriminated yourself on one of New Zealands most used websites.

crab2, Jun 13, 10:19pm
Well be thankful I haven't done it yet because I don't know how to use it for a start.

cybertao, Jun 13, 10:23pm
Ask one of the boys in Gaming for an invite to torrentleech.

ryanm2, Jun 13, 11:00pm
have you ever jaywalked? Im sick of people like yourself riding the high and mighty self righteous train on here. Im a musician and I couldn't give a rats if people download my music. Try www.mininova.org also to search what you are after.

crab2, Jun 13, 11:47pm
Thanks ryanm2 .

cybertao, Jun 13, 11:50pm
That's cool, ryanm2. Can you give us links to you music?

cybertao, Jun 14, 12:31am
Ryan? You there? If it's bandwidth you are worried about, you should upload it to a service like www.jamendo.com and perhaps even earn some money from doing it. They have a bittorrent service set up, their own tracker even. There is always a number of generous seeders, I never remove anything I download from the seeding queue myself. The creativity and good will from communities that truly care about free music is fantastic.

stkys, Jun 14, 12:41am
Self explanitary, stick something in search and let it. How hard is that?

meelo12, Jun 14, 1:04am
It's not like you've never been 51+ on a 50kmh-1 zone.....

hakatere1, Jun 14, 1:20am
What's worse is no-one downloads your music.

dunedin_ree, Jun 14, 1:22am
Jaywalking and going at 51kph isn't the same as stealing.

0800xford, Jun 14, 2:28am
answer post

executor1, Jun 14, 2:31am
Try www.legaltorrents.com

nzoomed, Jun 14, 2:38am
No one wants legal torrents lol how are you supposed to get windows vista, XP, or an artists latest album for example? lol

executor1, Jun 14, 2:40am
you dont think i'm actually going to give a link to a torrent site do you? That takes all the fun out of getting OP to figure it out themselves!

ferita, Jun 14, 2:53am
Re: 8 I have been the product manager for a software company and I also know how small some of these companies are. You may think that because a software program is widely known, the makers must be making millions, its often not the case. A lot of software companies are just a group of people and some dont even have offices. They rely on the money the software makes to feed their families etc. You wouldnt walk into harvey normans and grab a some software off the shelf. Why do you think its ok to steal it on the internet for?

executor1, Jun 14, 2:56am
I notice that ryanm has suddenly gone quiet as soon as the request was made to post us some links for his music. Makes me think he may be a bit more sensitive about it than he says.

0800xford, Jun 14, 2:58am
maybe her music sucks

nzoomed, Jun 14, 3:10am
Its not the same thing lets say its the year 2200, and a machine has been invented that could "duplicate" objects at an atomic level, and duplicate say a plasma panel, or a car, would that be stealing? hardly, it would be "copying"! PMSL

0800xford, Jun 14, 3:14am
track 14 http://www.metal-archives.com/release.php?id=6682

cybertao, Jun 14, 3:15am
Apart from the fact you can't make something from nothing. And the design you are copying has cost a lot of money in research and design. If such technology existed, who's going to invest in developing a TV no one has to buy?

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