Hi guys i have a problem with acer aspire 3200

graham32, Jun 13, 11:01pm
Hi guys i have a problem with acer aspire 3200 Running vista , I want to upgrade my ram, currently has 1gb, bought a amicore 1gb ram and computer will not boot up with stock acer ram, removed acer ram and used amicore and it boots fine, so i purchased another 1gb amicore and it wont boot up, what is wrong ?

hakatere1, Jun 14, 1:11am
Check Acer site for specs. Maybe the two sticks you bought are incompatible with each other as well as the original ram. Doesn't sound right anyway.

soodanim, Jun 14, 1:21am
Desktop? are you sure of that model number because from the acer site that model isn't likely to be running vista. http://www.acersupport.com/desktop/aspire/html/as32xx_specs.html

graham32, Jun 14, 1:30am
Sure is An aspire M3200 desktop has 4 dimm slots, I have tried 2 1gb ram cards of the same brand and it will not start up

graham32, Jun 14, 1:36am
My computer http://www.acer.co.nz/acer/product.do?link=oln85e.redirect&changedAlts=&CRC=600100215#wrAjaxHis<br />tory=0

Mine has the dual core processor

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