Printer help wanted please

ricford1, Jun 14, 12:04pm
Printer help wanted please I can't ask hubby what is wrong because he is ill in hospital so wondered if someone could help me. I went to do some printing and a bar came up saying the new hardware had been found. It says hp psc 1310 series (Dot 4 USB) which I realise means the printer however it has not just been installed and is a 1315. Anyway the registration page came up and when I click on print, it wants a file name. Hope someone can understand what I mean.

0800xford, Jun 14, 12:18pm
so give the document a file name?

ricford1, Jun 14, 12:19pm
Problem now fixed amazing what you can do with little knowledge and a lot of determination.

0800xford, Jun 14, 12:23pm
awesome, i like it! well done =]

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