I've been without internet access all weekend

I've been without internet access all weekend Could someone give me a couple of SIMPLE suggestions as to how I can get back online, pse? I didn't follow it up over the weekend because the last time I spoke to someone in India who wasn't able to help me and I ain't going through THAT again. Is there a particular time that I can phone Telstra (my ISP) and get a Kiwi helper?

geek_matuq, Jun 15, 12:35 pm

Just ring them again. If you're having trouble understanding, just tell them that you are (nicely). Have you done the usual restarting of your router etc?

geek_badcam, Jun 15, 12:45 pm

Phone them NOW!!! .

geek_hdmovies, Jun 15, 12:45 pm

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geek_deodar, Jun 15, 12:51 pm

Yep - did the usual closing and starting through the weekend. Am at work now so will have to give it a miss. Won't be phoning tonight though...don't want to go back to India...and I lurve curry toooo

geek_matuq, Jun 15, 1:20 pm

Oh....and I WAS very polite to the Indian helper....not his fault he's in India LOL (I recently saw a programme on the call centre there so understood what was happening)

geek_matuq, Jun 15, 1:22 pm

I was cold called by an Indian call centre recently. He went through the script and asked me how my day was. I told him it was great and asked him about his day, repeating the English alias he gave me. It was silent for three surprised seconds before he replied. He told me no one had asked him before, and thanked me. I could tell by the sound of his accented voice that he was actually smiling. Being the lowest of the low in the eyes of many, I pity the poor bugger who's just earning a living. Anyone who has issues with forgein call centres should try to support an ISP that is committed to keeping their services onshore, instead of the cheapest. There's no point taking it out on the call staff. It only has an effect on them, not the people you are paying money to.

geek_cybertao, Jun 15, 1:35 pm

i always ask how the person i'm calling is, immediately. most people are like [silence] pardon?

geek_0800xford, Jun 15, 1:38 pm

Telstra call centre Im surprised you spoke to someone in India with Telstra. They have their own call centrers here in NZ. You might hae spokewn to an Indian but he or she will probably be in a call centre in NZ.

geek_simonfphotos, Jun 15, 1:55 pm

NopeI asked him where he was. Might give it another try tonight after all.

geek_matuq, Jun 15, 1:57 pm

It appears that the problem is the router (Belkin) as I'm able to access the internet with the ethernet cable linked to the router and the laptop. I spent a long time on the phone last night speaking to a rep in another country (a foreign accent that was difficult to understand, and the distance didn't help either) and was told that it was all fixed. But it's not. At the moment I don't feel like another phone call so may just sit with the cable link. Don't know. But maybe I will try sometime.

geek_matuq, Jun 16, 7:36 am

Have you run the Telstra Broadband support tool that does an auto search for problems withy our connection?

geek_ponyboy, Jun 16, 7:40 am

If.. You can still connect by hooking your laptop up to the modem directly then the problem is NOT their problem. The stuff they're responsible for is all working and you need to sort out the other problem by yourself.

geek_little_egypt, Jun 16, 9:14 am

yea what 13 said if there is dsl sync and authentication etc its not their problem weather or not your wifi works is your problem.

geek_mikep2000, Jun 16, 9:20 am

LOL so you can't connect with ethernet cable but not wirelessly? Am I right in presuming THAT is your problem?

geek_lostdude, Jun 16, 9:24 am

Oopscan, not can't...

geek_lostdude, Jun 16, 9:24 am

Does your laptop detect your wireless network at all? Does it detect any other networks around your house?

geek_magikmoose, Jun 16, 9:29 am

I need to say that I am NOT a computer buff and my knowledge is pretty basic so some of your comments (although meant to be helpful) are - some of them - a bit confusing. I'll go to the local computer shop I think. Like I said with the ethernet cable connected to the laptop and the router all works perfectly. I don't feel like talking to someone in India at the moment so I think I'll just carry on this way. The 'wireless' light is not showing on the router. That's all I need to get working. When I feel like talking to someone in another country with an accent that I find difficult to understand then I will phone them. Maybe. Tonight? No. Weekend maybe.

geek_matuq, Jun 16, 8:27 pm

They must have been very patient with you. How come you didn't mention Wifi (or laptop for that matter) until now? If you had of mentioned that in Post 1, then you probably would have had your solution pretty quickly after that. Likewise, what were you Opening & Closing in post 5? Your laptop? The lid? Or were you shutting it down and starting it up? Please try to be clearer in future, and then we can have a better idea as to how to help.

geek_badcam, Jun 16, 8:49 pm

It's always better (in this forum) to provide too much information, rather than not enough.

geek_badcam, Jun 16, 8:51 pm

For instance: What OS (operating system) do you have? XP, Vista, Linux? What is the Make and Model number of your Router? Do you know how to get access to your Router via the the Browser? Have you checked to see if the laptop has a switch for the Wifi, that you may have accidentally slid into off position?

geek_badcam, Jun 16, 8:54 pm

Thx Badcam I probably didn't say all the 'right things' because I'm not computerate literate like the majority of people in this part of TM. But point taken. Yes, everyone WAS patient with me and I sat back and listened (as opposed to continually butting in). I was able to follow all instructions but the problem hasn't been resolved. I have no idea what Wifi is. Vista is the OS. I have the make and model number of the router. I do NOT know how to get access to the router via the browser. As for 'shutting down' .. should have said I turned the computer off at the wall. I know nothing about a switch for the Wifi (whatever that is ;). If I have a problem in the future (apart from the current) then hopefully I will provide more information. "lack of information" is what we non-IT people tend to do...annoying as it may well be for those of you who have good knowledge of computer systems. But thx for your comments anyway.

geek_matuq, Jun 17, 6:09 am

So now we know it's your Wifi. Would you like to get it going?

geek_badcam, Jun 17, 6:20 pm

As for calling Bangalore for assistance Thr tk r jerbs!

geek_michibro, Jun 17, 6:22 pm

Badcam I would thx. As long as your instructions are Matuq-friendly!

geek_matuq, Jun 17, 7:57 pm

I think I'll leave it all until the weekend though Early to work and home late. Hmmm...I see you come from where I've spent the last many years (most of my life really) so maybe that's a good omen....

geek_matuq, Jun 17, 8:21 pm

Badcam Phoned Belkin again this morning (India). Problem is now fixed. Cheers

geek_matuq, Jun 20, 9:25 am

That's great news. Do you know what type of security has been set up for your Wifi? Does WEP or WPA ring a bell? It's VITAL that you set up your Wifi with encryption security. WPA is best, as WEP can be easily hacked. No security of course is just asking for trouble.

geek_badcam, Jun 20, 11:45 am

WEP sob!

geek_matuq, Jun 20, 6:39 pm

Confusion Happy to hear your problem is fixed. But, umm,, I can categorically 200% fact say that TelstraClear does NOT currently use call centres based in India. It's possibly only a mattwer of time - but not yet. I work for TCL and I know this. I can say, that like many companies with call centres, the chances of you hitting a NZ call centre with staff of Indian/asian descent is very high!

geek_mark_g, Jun 20, 6:54 pm

Yes, you're right and I probably didn't make it clear. The Belkin rep was in India. And I did get someone with a foreign accent at Telstra (in NZ) and he wasn't difficult to understand. Please understand I am NOT "putting down" these people...it's just that speaking long distance to someone of another nationality isn't the easiest form of communication in the world.

geek_matuq, Jun 21, 10:10 am