network printer

newbie5, Jun 15, 1:53am
Network printer I have my printer set up on my pc and installed it on my laptop sharing is enabled but I cant get the printer to work or file sharing between the 2
Any advice please
pc is xp laptop is vista business
wireless b/b

0800xford, Jun 15, 2:14am
run your network setup wizards.

newbie5, Jun 15, 2:18am
Yes have done all that and they show in network but cant get anything to work

savang, Jun 15, 2:52am
have you shared the printer try that and see if that helps. i had the same problim when i had to set it up for the first time

newbie5, Jun 15, 5:16am
Yes printer and everything else is done for sharing but cant make it work
I sent a test page to printer but nothing happened

drcspy, Jun 15, 5:21am
Nothing at all ?.......did'nt show an error ? read this:

dave1025, Jun 15, 5:46am
File and print sharing installed?

newbie5, Jun 15, 7:46am
Thanks all Will try all you have said and see what happens
If all else fails I will get a tech I know to do it for me then I know its done right
I was just trying to do it myself first so I could learn something
Thanks for the help

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