Xbox 360 live...

phillipsclan, Jun 16, 7:47am
Xbox 360 liveHi, don't know if this is the right place to post, but hoping someone can help. Was playing xbox online no worries, and all of a sudden net connection shut down. Now we got an email the other day from Microsoft on the Xbox saying it was going down for 24 hours, but because we can't access the net, we don't know if this is the issue or not lol. Anyone out there able to help. TIA

ferita, Jun 16, 7:54am
My son cant connect at the moment either So and when he could it said that it was down. He was so excited too as his xbox came back from being repaired today

phillipsclan, Jun 16, 7:58am
Bugger that's gotta suckGlad to know it's not just us though - although partner is now spewing as he is kicking serious a$$ in the new UFC Undisputed game - or should I say he was!!

rayza59, Jun 16, 8:02am
Same seems to be happening on the ps network..

phillipsclan, Jun 16, 8:06am
Fingers crossed then that they resolve it soon. Bugger all on tv and it too cold to go visiting in Chch at the mo. Imagine if we actually had to speak to each other or something - tragic!!! Lol just kidding - but is kinda stinky as game is a rental and playing offline is not as good - or so I am told. Thanks people. :0)

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