Acer Aspire 3620 laptop problem

Acer Aspire 3620 laptop problem Does anyone have a recovery disk for this model or have experience in how hard/easy it is to order one from Acer NZ. Laptop has major issues and the owner of laptop ignored the nag to create one when the laptop was new. Have tried to do factory restore using alt/F10 but not very successfully as laptop still has issues after this.Also, is it possible to use a xp pro disc to try and repair xp home or is that a no go? TIA.

geek_weasle, Mar 10, 7:57 pm

Acer usually have the recovery on their 'Empowering Technology' menu (funny 'e' symbol)- providing the files are still there.

geek_nzmu, Mar 10, 8:06 pm

Thats the trouble... I think the recovery files in D drive are corrupt. I do have the acer e-recovery management option which I used on startup by alt/F10 method.

geek_weasle, Mar 10, 8:23 pm

Well back to your question re Acer and the disc. Don't know what they can do but I would get laptop owner to ring them and find out, might pay to have serial and receipt handy. Good luck.

geek_nzmu, Mar 10, 8:32 pm

Acer parts through Dove freaking useless, they always say 8-10 days, we usually dont see parts for at least a month.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Mar 10, 10:40 pm

i want to put the acer empowering technology framework on my acer aspire 3620 but i can't find any thing that can do it please help me

geek_kara, Aug 14, 3:47 pm

does anyone know what to do when aspire 3620 does power on..? mine does not power on... help please..!

geek_ur2crz4me, Jan 6, 10:17 pm

I have this type of laptop. Now, the laptop battery last only half a hour so I got a battery from . I hope it can help you.

geek_david, Jan 7, 4:14 pm

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geek_dave, Jun 11, 6:57 am

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geek_adapterlist, Aug 28, 10:08 pm

can somebody help laptop(acer 3620)
cant to reformat?the problem is..when i turn on..there will be black blank page..can i know what is my laptop problem..

geek_mike, Aug 2, 5:38 am

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