M8 has Acer

stkys, Jun 18, 8:41am
M8 has Acer rc500 pc. Will it take a 256mb grafix card? cheers.

stkys, Jun 18, 8:42am
Has 2gb ram 2.6mhz proc'

gibler, Jun 18, 8:43am
Woah u'clkd cpu eh? lol.

stkys, Jun 18, 8:45am
Has agp slot need to know if will handle 256 grafix, I know jack about them.

lythande1, Jun 18, 9:21pm
AGP is extinct. You could look for one on TM but you need to know if its 8x or 4x. Motherboard manual will tell you.

helpless, Jun 18, 9:26pm
Any GPU thats got 256mb of vid memory is 8X..It should be fine.

mysteryman007, Jun 18, 9:26pm
Id be very suprised if it can't going by the cpu specs. My sons P4 2.8 has a 256mb agp card & runs sweet as. Just make sure your psu has enough juice, ie. you arent already maxing it with multiple hdd's & cd/dvd drives & add on pci cards.

michibro, Jun 18, 9:30pm
google it debian!

stkys, Jun 18, 9:36pm
Have googled very little info. Thanks others that answered. Think m8 has got 128 card now, only small supply apparently on those acers. He got radeon ati 9600se

mysteryman007, Jun 18, 9:43pm
If he only has single cd/dvd drive & a single hdd & limited pci cards added, he should get away with it. It really depends on the card you use. As some that need molex power plugged into them might struggle on a low output psu. If it has probs, buy a new psu.

babcorp, Jun 19, 4:48am
get a perm.

michibro, Jun 19, 4:52am
get a life debian!

lostdude, Jun 19, 5:51am
LOLclassic kiwi ad. Greater than three it

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