Telecom cabinet access pricing

gyrogearloose, Jun 18, 9:52pm
Telecom cabinet access pricing The Herald has an article this morning (summarising) which states the Commerce Commission has announced pricing for Telecom's competitors to gain access to the roadside cabinets. This includes a monthly charge of $11.99 (excl GST) per customer, then a share of the cost of the cabinet and fibre cable connecting it to the wider network. It continues with a Vodafone calculation, that if 50% of the 200 people on each cabinet have broadband, then a telco with 10% of the customers on this cabinet would pay Telecom $184 per customer per month, dropping to $98 if the telco had 20% of the customers on this cabinet. Those costs exclude setup costs and the company's own network, cabinet equipment, marketing and support costs. Telecom shares closed up 10cents yesterday.

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