Attaching Printer to my Lap top....

kathy100, Jun 19, 8:54am
Attaching Printer to my Lap topI have just bought a lap top and want to be able to print documents. My husband has a printer connected to his lap top. What do I need to do to be able to use his printer with my lap top? Thanks

pheonix, Jun 19, 9:06am
The drivers for that printer. Drivers are basically "interpreters" between hardware such as printers and the Windows software.

drcspy, Jun 19, 9:07am
The driver cd or else get the drivers from the makers website

kathy100, Jun 19, 9:22am
...thanks, but what about cables? I have seen IrDA Wireless Infrared Adapters advertised. Would these be something that I need, and if so, are they easy to use?

dunedin_ree, Jun 19, 9:25am
I doubt it. Unplug the cable from the other computer and plug it into yours. That's the simplest way if you're both on windows he could share the printer and you can print to it that way, assuming you're on a local network (router).

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