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anndi7, Mar 9, 7:16am
Gmail Cookies Please can someone tell me how to activate cookies in G.Mail site. For some reason this site is not allowing me access to my Gmail. Any help please. Error message keeps coming up saying: your browser cookies functionality is turned off. Tried turning it on to no avail.

gregp3, Mar 9, 8:33am
Hi.... I have had a few problems with gmail. this is the link I use to get in.
Dont know if this will help or not.

pennysaver, Mar 9, 9:56am
When you say you have tried to no avail, what did you try?

pennysaver, Mar 9, 9:57am
And what system / browser are you running?

badcam, Mar 9, 7:06pm
If you're using Firefox... go into tools/options/privacy/exceptions. Then type in the address you wish to keep the cookie of. ie You might as well ad in and while you're there. only type the .com and the site name ie google, NOT the rest of the address. Eg. Hotmail would be

merlot06, Mar 9, 8:04pm
Is it your firewall ?

anndi7, Mar 10, 9:33am
Still not working What exactly is a functionality..??
Firewall is fine.

anndi7, Mar 10, 9:34am
Have tried everything.... Need someone to explain what functionality means in question one.

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