oneuponu, Jun 20, 8:00am
ADSL DLINK dsl 302 MODEM Power ilght is on and status light is on but when its connected with no filter and straight to the telecom jack point it shows no light in the adsl section or ethernet. I have also a phone connection and it seems to go well when its the phone but no internet...Anyone out there that can help ? please Desperate to get on line

spyware, Jun 20, 8:07am
More info. Have you ever had working ADSL at your address?? If ADSL led is out then typically the exchange is not enabled for ADSL.

drcspy, Jun 20, 8:14am
Regardless of that you should have an ethernet light if the router is connected to the pc thru the ethernet cable. If not then check controlpanel/system/hardware/device manager for error signs (x's or !'s) beside the network adaptors.....

oneuponu, Jun 20, 8:14am
HIIm not sure if the previous tenants had adsl..I have just moved into new address and had a new connection. I use to have wireless broadband before but decided to go cable much quicker. I got given the modem from a friend who swears it goes okay. I have tried all jacks and still no adsl light. Surely the provider would know if they did or not provide adsl connection wouldnt they ?

drcspy, Jun 20, 8:16am
You cant just plug an adsl modem into any old house and expect it to HAS to be 'enabled' at the exchange....ring the provider to check also they can tell if you appear to be connected or not tho it sure looks like you're not......another thing; if the house has a monitored alarm then it will have a 'splitter' fitted and this generally means only ONE jackpoint will be 'live' for adsl....

oneuponu, Jun 20, 8:39am
Yes i am connected and Yes they are providing me services on home phone and broadband internet. There is a x in the control panel manage devices section. Someone just mentioned configuring it to my ip address or something.

spyware, Jun 20, 9:08am
Before the ADSL modem will connect to exchange it has to be configured with certain information, PPP username and password, VCI=100, VPI=0. To do this you have to get the Ethernet working. The first thing to check is the cat5 patch lead between modem and PC. You need to check that it is correctly seated in RJ45 socket at each end. If correctly seated then you will get a link light at each end of connection (modem, network card).

drcspy, Jun 20, 12:16pm
It's quite right that you need to have the modem correctly configured.........but before you can even get into it to do that this X in device manager means that something is disabled.....hopefully it's under network adaptors, if so then right clik it and 'enable' ......when that's done you should have an ethernet light showing up on the modem (give it a moment or two)......then you can log into the modem by typin into your browser address bar and tapping enter, you'll get a login box just type in admin for the user name and admin for the password......then use the 'wizard' in the modem to put in YOUR username and internet password..

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