How to network my laptop with Vista with desktop..

jaja6, Jun 22, 8:59am
How to network my laptop with Vista with desktop.. running WinXP? Both computers are connected to same router for internet. thanks.

timsonly, Jun 22, 9:08am
Are both vista? ...

dunedin_ree, Jun 22, 9:09am
Duh, . Can you explain what you mean by "network" - if they use the same router they're already networked. Do you mean file sharing?

jaja6, Jun 22, 9:09am
Desktop on XP, laptop on Vista. >>>

skin1235, Jun 22, 10:19am
Some say you can network through the router but generally it is a lot of hassle to setup.. I use a switch prior to the router ( all computers connect to the switch, the switch connects to the router) This lets me have all computers sharing all computers and still able to be online at any time without any hassles

skin1235, Jun 22, 10:23am
Laymans terms the plugs on a router are not bridged between the plugs whereas they are in a switch,

simonfphotos, Jun 22, 10:51am
Networking Are both your computers connected to the Router by cable or wireless?

soodanim, Jun 22, 11:11am
If they are sharing the same router then it's just a case of running the network wizards to share files and printers etc. You can manually share other files/folders as well....It's really easy to do it that way...We've got 6 computers networked that way. 3 wireless and 3 via cable. Thing to check is that they have the same workgroup name (Vista's default is workgroup, where xp is mshome)

jaja6, Jun 22, 11:48am
Skin: what is the exact name for the switch, so I can look for one at TM. thanks.

jaja6, Jun 22, 11:50am
Soodanim: I'll give it another try. Thanks for identify different names. I did connect two desktops using XP without much problem. The vista was a bit of pain. Cheers.

drcspy, Jun 22, 5:09pm
Read this it may help

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