64bit PCi gfx cards

64bit PCi gfx cards 1million points for whoever can help with this.

Will a 64bit PCI GFX card run on a 32bit PCI motherboard/CPU???

PCI - not PCIe

Something like this http://preview.tinyurl.com/mlzesj

geek_computer_hq, Jun 23, 3:44 pm

They are talking about the memory bus on the card, between the GPU and video RAM. It has nothing to do with the cards interface. The size of the bus is the number of bits that can be transported in one bus cycle, so a 128-bit bus has twice the throughput as a 64-bit one at the same speed(same memory). The more the better.

geek_cybertao, Jun 23, 3:51 pm

It's a pci card so of course it's goin to run on a pci slot.....the memory bus as cybertao has stated is a different thing - all memory (ram) has, since after EDO ram been 64 bit (it's not relevant to your card however).....

geek_drcspy, Jun 23, 4:12 pm