4x 1GB RAM or 2x 2GB RAM

4x 1GB RAM or 2x 2GB RAM Does it mattermake any difference? its a DDR2 dual channel motherboard......it has 2x 1gb (800mhz) in now, i have a few 2gb sticks of 667 but don't want to use that, i won't need any more RAM in this system so not bothered about using all the slots up.

geek_dino7, Jun 28, 2:41 pm

Interesting question.........try both and benchmark both then see which is faster ?.......

geek_drcspy, Jun 28, 2:42 pm

My guess is 4x 1gb

geek_chessman, Jun 28, 2:44 pm

The speeds are still the same. If you want to overclock, or tweak your timings, you will be limited to the lowest performer in the set. So the worst out of two sticks has a higher probability of being better than the worst of four. 4 sticks will use more power than two, and because of that create more heat than two. Go with two.

geek_cybertao, Jun 28, 2:56 pm

Only way i can benchmark is if i buy 2x 1gb 800mhz and 2x 2gb 800mhz, no point trying the 667mhz that will be slightly slower..........i want 4gigs in total cheapest way would be buying another 2x 1gb sticks but if 2x 2gb in dual channel would be faster i'd go for that.
Can 4x sticks run in dual channel?

geek_dino7, Jun 28, 2:57 pm

Dual means two. Dual channel works with matched pairs, put into paired slots on the motherboard. Putting four in creates two banks of dual channeled RAM, not quad channel RAM. Go with two sticks, there is no advantage to spending more money on four.

geek_cybertao, Jun 28, 3:01 pm

I didn't take into account that the existing chips are 667MHz. Go with the two 800MHz sticks, all the way. That's an effortless 20% speed increase.

geek_cybertao, Jun 28, 3:13 pm

Re7 but ......i would like 4gbs of 800mhz, i have 2x 1gb fitted now, should i buy another 2x 1gbs (cheaper than buying 2x 2gigs) will it be as good - still dual channel (4 sticks)

geek_dino7, Jun 28, 3:43 pm

Basically what I said in if the are running at the same clock speed and at with the same timings, two dual channel banks are the same speed as just one. And four sticks of 1GB use more power than two of 2G, something you might not care about if it's cheaper to get two 1GB sticks.

geek_cybertao, Jun 28, 4:08 pm

Re9 ok thanks - yeah power no issue - can afford the power consumption bill for 2 sticks of ram and my PSU is 800w so i'll go for the 1 gig sticks cheers:)

geek_dino7, Jun 28, 4:14 pm

I got 2 times 2 gigabit sticks total 4 gig and win-xp wont run on that bluescreens vista-64 did run ok but i dumped that crap now also and run linux 64 and 32 bit dual-boot instead with xp in virtual machine.

geek_intrade, Jun 28, 4:19 pm

32 bit will only see 3 gig max anyhow..

geek_intrade, Jun 28, 4:20 pm

Yea thats true. Are you using a 64 bit OS? Last time I tried with a 32bit OS I could get a max of 3.25gb

geek_hayster94, Jun 28, 4:24 pm

You still get that last Gig and a bit plus the first 2Gb with around 50% more performance than being stingy and only buying one 1GB stick amnd running single channel.

geek_cybertao, Jun 28, 4:26 pm

800W PSU .

geek_smac, Jun 28, 9:18 pm

Re15 why you sounding like a smarmy twaat? 800w is a decent sized PSU

geek_dino7, Jun 28, 10:18 pm

Not smarmy...just amusedOK the amusement was probably a little premature without knowing the details of your system....would be interested to hear what it is though.

geek_smac, Jun 29, 8:48 am

Re17 a Q6600,2gb ddr2(soon 4)GTX280 OC, 2x 500gb hdd, dvd writer and tv tuner - that PSU can easily handle it although the video card will eat a fair bit of it:P

geek_dino7, Jun 29, 3:58 pm

what has that got to do with OP's problem? And it's not limited to 3gig. Windows addresses 4GB, but some is reserved. The PCI and PCI-E buses each use some. Each PCI-E graphics card will occupy about 256MB, the other 500MB will be reserved for the PCI bus.

geek_whakatanerocks, Jun 29, 4:04 pm

Vista 32-bit is limited to 3.12Gb. Doesn't matter how much RAM or how few/small your devices are.

geek_cybertao, Jun 29, 4:08 pm

3.25GB my old system shows up with 4GB installed running XP 32bit.

geek_dino7, Jun 29, 4:26 pm

Re 18 Your reply sounded like you thought I was laughing cause the PSU was small....I was laughing cause it was so fecking huge :) Haven't seen a system yet that needed 800W....but yours is comparatively power hungry so I guess if you keep upgrading stuff the over head might come in handy eventually.

geek_smac, Jun 29, 4:31 pm

Yes some OS's show that is has 4gb installed, but it cannot utilize all 4gb of it...

geek_whakatanerocks, Jun 29, 4:47 pm

Re22 ohhh sorry - i thought.......and i'm a grumpy twaat after arguing with the wife:P

geek_dino7, Jun 29, 6:32 pm

Can't buy the ram huh? .

geek_smac, Jun 29, 6:51 pm

Hahaha easily - i'm great at laundering cash for my computers:)

geek_dino7, Jun 29, 9:09 pm