Wireless access point using my modem/router

usefulidiot, Jun 28, 3:27am
Wireless access point using my modem/router Hella confused about this. My son has a PSP and needs a "wireless access point" in order to use the internet on the PSP. I have a normal broadband modem, with is apparently a router as well (speedstream 4200, with ethernet and USB port). How would I set this up? I DON'T want the PC wireless and I don't want to have to need the PC on for the PSP to access the net.

usefulidiot, Jun 28, 3:28am
Either this http://www.trademe.co.nz/Computers/Networking-modems/Wireless-networking/Routers/auction-225401780.htm<br /> or this http://www.trademe.co.nz/Computers/Networking-modems/Wireless-networking/Routers/auction-226138788.htm<br /> ?????? How would it work?

biker_69, Jun 28, 3:29am
Is your broadband routerwireless? I think not.

biker_69, Jun 28, 3:31am
If you purchase a wireless broadband routeryou can still access the internet from your PC via the ethernet cable you currently use (but plugged into the new router) and his PSP can also access the internet through the router. The PC doesn't have to be one.

usefulidiot, Jun 28, 3:38am
SettingsI've checked the net for my "speedstream" modem, a lot of people are saying to change it to bridge mode if I connect it to a wireless router in order to disable the routing capability of my existing modem and let the new router handle thatbut with an "access point", would it just plug in and go? I suppose I would have to fiddle with IP's and such. I'm not exactly computer illiterate but just have never done any networking type stuff.

biker_69, Jun 28, 4:08am
By the time you fluff aboutand put a seperate wireless access point you might as well just get a wireless router. Especially if you're thinking of buying that wireless access point without the power supply.

richms, Jun 28, 4:57am
Bridge mode doesnt work in NZ because adsl uses PPPoA which only the UK uses as well.

You can use half-bridge mode to disable the nat in the adsl router but that is very unreliable when it comes to IP address changes from disconnections and reconnections.

IMO see if your ISP will give you a free one in exchange for another conract or get an all in one router off here or a computer shop.

netgear dg834g has seen me right in about 4 installs I have done and is among the cheapest there is..

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