printer wont stop printing in backwards order

rosehonda, Jun 28, 3:31am
Printer wont stop printing in backwards order it prints the first page first so the first page ends up on the bottom of the pile. I went into print setting and ticked collate but it still does it?

time3, Jun 28, 3:34am
Easy to fix just change the printer setting

biker_69, Jun 28, 3:36am
There will be another setting buried deepwhich needs deselecting. It's not collating - it's printing in reverse order. Collating only affects the printing of multiple copies of the same document.

rosehonda, Jun 28, 3:41am
Yes you were right thanks it is called reverse order

billybob57, Jun 28, 3:42am
Mine reverts back all the time friggin pain in the..

rosehonda, Jun 28, 3:44am
Even though you can look at it on the it still doesnt beat printing it out and been able to look where you want, it seems like reading stuff on the computer is like tunnel vision you can only see half a page at once. Any tips ? other than getting a 72" screen

biker_69, Jun 28, 3:49am
No need for a big monitorjust higher resolution. I bet you're only running 1024x768. I'm running 1600x1200 on a 19" Phillips 109P CRT. If you're on an LCD and running anything other than native resolution it'll look rubbish too.

rosehonda, Jun 28, 3:54am
1280 x 1024 ...any recomendations?

biker_69, Jun 28, 3:55am
What's the monitor? and are you zoomed to 100% on the documents?

rosehonda, Jun 28, 3:56am
Yes 100% but any smaller the print would be too fine. it is set on 32 bit whatever that means. screen is aoc lcd 17"

biker_69, Jun 28, 4:00am
AOC LCDit's probably running at native then at 1280x1024. So just zoom to 200% and scroll with the mouse wheel. 32-bit is overkill - drop it back to 24-bit or even 16-bit.

rosehonda, Jun 28, 4:11am
Put it on 16 bit but it looks low quality and why would a zoom to 200 % if i like looking at everything laid out.

biker_69, Jun 28, 4:17am
Because that's all your monitor can manage. You can't have your cake and eat it. There's nothing wrong with 16-bit unless you're doing desktop publishing. I just figured you'd like the speed boost of running 16-bit colour depth on what is clearly a low spec computer. Oh well.

rosehonda, Jun 28, 4:21am
Thanks but it didnt look good enought for me to keep it back on 32 bit now

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