Is this possible on a Vodafone Mobile

Is this possible on a Vodafone Mobile In NZ??

geek_richman123, Jun 29, 10:47 pm

Not you again I remember the lame youtube self-promo last time. It sucks. It's possibly the stupidest idea ever.

geek_dunedin_ree, Jun 29, 10:53 pm

Nah this is a different one

geek_richman123, Jun 29, 11:16 pm

wtf was that meant to be? Are you 12?

geek_ross1970, Jun 29, 11:23 pm

Why do you think anyone would be Interested in that crap? I must say very clever no one could have ever come up with that on their own.

geek_quater, Jun 29, 11:24 pm

And you wonder why nz is full of stupid kids. bitch slap the parents for having em :)

geek_vampire10, Jul 2, 8:39 pm

,,, whats the point of that. You may as well have your phone in your hand lol

geek_hayster94, Jul 2, 10:00 pm

Brilliant no one would of thought of that in a million years , you should go work for NASA

geek_billybob57, Jul 2, 10:32 pm