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true_cruzer, Jun 30, 5:38am
Looking at creating a new business.. Alright,
So im looking at starting a new business, Havnt thought of a name yet, but it will basicually be basic computer support, formatting, upgrades, antivirus, webdesign, pc building, graphic design etc,
a whole range.. And i'm able to do it in the comfort of the persons home.
EXTREMLEY cheap compaired to most places, (Went into a Palmerston North computer place today, $120/hr
to format and put a new version of XP, And to get all my drivers. They said a min. of 10 hours.
thats well over 1000.. who the hell would pay that.

Just want to know peoples thoughts.. Would you be intereased in a business like this.. Also i cant think of a name.. GRRR

paper-man, Jun 30, 5:40am
I certainly would be interested in helping out :) ...

flewy, Jun 30, 5:40am
So if you cant do it yourself how are you going to start a business.?

paper-man, Jun 30, 5:41am
Who true or me ...

flewy, Jun 30, 5:42am
To true.

paper-man, Jun 30, 5:43am
Ohk lolmaybe hes good in one area and he wants people good in othersits possible

kiwikidd77, Jun 30, 5:48am
How many threads do you need to make? ?

harrispc, Jun 30, 5:51am
I wonder how maymany people actually pay over $1000 to have XP reinstalled. Most places in this end of the country have a set rate of around $85...give or take

paper-man, Jun 30, 5:53am
God i would do this for free if people let meas long as they had the o/s ready and the pc ready i could do it for free :)

true_cruzer, Jun 30, 5:54am
ImIm sweet to do it lol,
just need to know if people would be intereased in using my services.

and help finding a name :P

drcspy, Jun 30, 5:54am
10 hours to install xp and drivers..........rofl.. ...lmfao......hahaha.......rubbish. you probably misheard them they might have said two hours..

dunedin_ree, Jun 30, 5:59am
I think you're spreading yourself too thin Software, hardware, web design and graphic design? Nah. Do all of those things to a really crap standard and undercut everyone - sure, that's doable.

0800xford, Jun 30, 6:02am
10 hours = burn in test perhaps?

harrispc, Jun 30, 6:03am
Re makes a good point. Running a bsiness takes a bit of time in itself without adding the technical side of things. I am a bit the same and always have hairbrained ideas of where more money is, but ideally I do a better job when there is a good infastructure set up and concentrate on a particular. If biz picked up there might be an opertunity to employ someone to carry on while you attack another area?? Just my 2 cents anyway

dunedin_ree, Jun 30, 6:03am
LAN test: WoW.

paper-man, Jun 30, 6:11am
Like i said beforeid be happy to help outemail: pilot.masman at gmail dot com

ferita, Jun 30, 6:28am
Something you need to consider installing an OS like windows XP can take 45 minutes etc. Scanning a computer for malware can take hours. If you are doing stuff at peoples houses it means you cannot be doing another computer while one is scanning. So you could waste your whole day just doing the one PC and charging nothing for your time.

paper-man, Jun 30, 6:31am
Yea i think if your installing an O/S then a home visit might be ok but if it was virus or fixing i think it would have to be shop...

drcspy, Jun 30, 6:36am
Very valid point ferita and one I know from experience......you cant always charge for the 'real' amount of time you're on a job....and also 'mobile' tech you got vehicle costs/fuel/mobile phone/advertising/ etc...also you need to 'carry' (literally) a fairly comprehensive selection of parts because you can never be sure what a jobs goin to require and if you're 20km out in the country you're not gonna be pleased if you have to bugger off to town just to buy a dvdrw drive or a psu for example. I used to carry round about $1000 worth of new parts....and lots of 2nd hand ones.....montiors/psu's/motherboards/harddrive/optical drives/ram (several types)/network cables/modems/sound cards/video cards/ all the stuff you'd find in a 'shop' normally you'll need them....oh and a Sh*tload of apps/operating systems etc on some sort of accessible media. Believe me I KNOW this stuff I've done it.

drcspy, Jun 30, 6:36am
OH and you'll run your vehicle into the ground....probably calculate $400 fuel per month approx when you get a few customers.....oh and theres advertising which you MUST do or you wont get customers....allow say $50-$100 per week.....luck anyway it's NOT as easy as it looks.

swivel, Jun 30, 6:41am
10 hours lol must be phillbit Computers

paper-man, Jun 30, 6:43am
I can understand 10hrs if they were burning it in. as someone else said before, but i wouldnt expect them to ask to be paid for every single hour of that burnin, lol

jmpcwiz, Jun 30, 9:33am
Just do what I do, just help out family and friends :D Nothings in it tho. Have helped out 2 members that I found through this board just to earn a little cash and charge a cheap rate. Always see a guy advertising a little classified ad in our local newspaper. I wonder how many calls/business he gets and if I should put a ad next to his :P

beca2, Jun 30, 9:40am
Katrina How bout K.I.T Services or something.(Katrina I.T services)

beca2, Jun 30, 9:43am
OrK.I.T Computer Services ( Katrina I.T and Computer Services)

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