Canon printer help please

michelle145, Jun 30, 6:58am
Canon printer help please My god, i bought a new printer for $79,it has just run out of ink, the cartridges are cl-38 and pg-37. It looks like the cartridges are going to cost more than my entire printer!! Anyone know of any cheap ink sources please!!

drcspy, Jun 30, 7:21am .......or buy another printer at least you'll have a spare.....

soodanim, Jun 30, 7:29am is who I use for my canon compatible ink....Canon are in the habit of including ink cartridges that aren't full with new printers, so they do run out quickly. You do not void your warranty unless the compatible ink can be shown to have cause the fault.

michelle145, Jun 30, 7:35am
Oh cool didn't think it took long, only had the printer a couple of months, and hardly ever print anything!!

r.g.nixon, Jun 30, 10:46am
New printers often come with half-filled cartridges!

tigra, Jun 30, 9:49pm
LOL michelle145 - I bought my Pixma for $29 at H.N. and queued up at the checkout behind a number of customers carrying similar boxes just to get the cartridges.

ntalke, Jun 30, 10:04pm
Also printer's go through a cleaning cycle if not used for about a week which can use heaps of ink,try ,very competitive,you choose either Epson or compatible cartridges

kevlight, Jul 1, 2:52am
Refill your ink cartridges with the ink refills ,i get mine about $25 enough ink for eight refills at the warehouse stationary,if your a cheeaper $9 for three refills colour and black available; take no notice of the filling instructions i just turn the cartridge upside down and drip feed into the foam pads on the bottom;goodluck and lots of hand/cleaner/paper towels to go

eagles9999, Jul 1, 3:07am
Doesnt it leave a mess inside your canon printer?

coolnzmum, Jul 1, 3:44am
Get a CiSS system instead way cheaper than having to replace cartridges all the time.

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