When I copy & paste from ms works word processor

When I copy & paste from ms works word processor into an email message, the list which has the normal spacing between lines in ms works, appears in the email with a large space between each line. How do I avoid this?

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 9:31 am

Bump someone must have had this problem.

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 10:31 am

Bullet points in Word/works have a full carriage return between each item which your email client is stripping the bullets off and restoring the full breaks. What format is your email message in? Rich text, plain text, html?

geek_dunedin_ree, Jun 30, 10:34 am

Delete the blank line and if the lines join and won't split with Enter, do Ctrl+Enter

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 30, 10:35 am

Paulmc you still use 'works'?,..

geek_kevin16, Jun 30, 10:35 am

the list did not have bullet points It had no 'extra' formatting. The email was in rich text (html) format.

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 10:43 am

Works does 99% of what I need it to do and Word was twice the price of Works at the time.

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 10:45 am

Just tried changing the text to plain and had the same problem.

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 10:52 am

you were on the right track. I deleted the space between two lines which put the two lines together and hit shift/enter and the two lines split without the large space between them. Thanks.

geek_paulmc, Jun 30, 10:58 am