ADSL2+/router question

ADSL2+/router question Hi, I donít know a lot about this broadband stuff. Iím on one of Telecomís ADSL2+ plans, but Iím not too sure if my router and stuff is setup in the best way so that I can take advantage of the ADSL2+ speeds. Iíve checked and Iím definitely in an ADSL2+ area and my router says that it is ďADSL2/2+ compliantĒ but I have this router connected to another router (a wireless router which doesnít say anything about being ADSL2+ compliant) and I need this because there a several laptops in my household. Does this setup make having ADSL2+ pointless? Or does as long as one of them is ADSL2+ make it alright? Thanks for any help.

geek_trader1710, Jul 1, 12:32 pm

if your hardware is capable of makin guse of adsl2 speed then it's no waste. think of driving a slow old car on a racetrack that you can drive 400kph on

geek_0800xford, Jul 1, 12:37 pm

It'll work fine as it is. Try and post the results.

geek_poohy99, Jul 1, 4:35 pm

ADSL2+ relates to the protocol used on the telephone line and therefore only concerns the device connected directly to the telephone line.

geek_spyware, Jul 1, 6:00 pm

Yup like said. As long as the modem/router connected directly to the phone line is ADSL2+ compliant & is set to ADSL2+ modulation then you should be fine. It doesn't matter if your wireless router is ADSL2+ compliant or not.

geek_lostdude, Jul 1, 6:53 pm