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shadow87, Jul 2, 1:58am
Microsoft Outlook/ Outlook Express - email access Can i access my emails through either of these if my email provider is not telecom/xtra?? We're with telecom/xtra at the moment and i'm using Outlook Express but we're going to be switching to Farmside Satellite but i still want to access my xtra emails through outlook. Obviously we're keeping our xtra email account but won't have dialup/broadband through telecom. Hopefully that all makes sense lol

miss-tenacious, Jul 2, 1:58am

ilottl, Jul 2, 1:59am
If you cancel your broadband/dial-up with telecom you will loose your email address. However, you will not loose what emails you have in outlook already. If you keep your xtra account, then there is no issue.

ilottl, Jul 2, 2:01am
Read your statement again. Cancelling you xtra means you loose your email address There is nothing you can do about that. I suggest you look at getting a free email account such as gmail Then using outlook to download the emails from there. If you change providers again then it does not matter.

ilottl, Jul 2, 2:02am
FYI, check out the vodem (cellphone broadband) Its not as expensive as farmside satellite and you don't need to signup for a few years. The speed is a little slower that satellite but you can download a lot more...

shadow87, Jul 2, 2:06am
No we will not be losing our email account as we're transferring it to someone else and using it as a subaccount.

shadow87, Jul 2, 2:12am
Can't get cellphone broadband as service is that flash here. We've looked at all options and satellite is the only option at the moment. They won't charge us a disconnect fee if broadband comes into our area, so i'm not too worried about signing up for 2yrs :)

ilottl, Jul 2, 2:14am
I'm sorry, if you have an email And you cancel with that provider, then you loose the right to use Your new internet will provide a new email address, they do not transfer your old email address like a cellphone number. The only way to keep is to keep paying xtra/telecom an account fee.

drcspy, Jul 2, 3:08am
Way i read it they said 'we're keeping out xtra mail account' well that is simple to setup costs about $2.80 per month.....very for using outlook express, outlook, whatever you can of course do that and you wont need to do any thing like removing your xtra a/c details if you're keeping your xtra email can also add other address'es which may be assigned to you by any ohter can run several addys in outlook express etc quite easily......

simonfphotos, Jul 3, 5:46am
Xtra email account From memory if you are not using an Xtra connection to access your emails then you will not be able to use Outlook or OE to download your emails.You will probably have to log on to your Xtra Email account via your Web Browser.
Just one of the stupid things Xtra does to retain clients.
So unless you connect to Xtra via an Xtra connection the don't use Outlook or OE

spyware, Jul 3, 8:29am
What absolute twaddle . Maybe you are confusing the sending of emails when using the wrong smtp server, different issue and easily solved. If you use, SSL, port 465, with authentication to send you can use it on any provider anyway. Xtra POP server,, will also work fine to receive.

simonfphotos, Jul 3, 11:07am
Spyware Actually its not twaddle. Xtra may have changed their rules, but when I changed from Xtra to another ISP I had to access all my emails through a Browser as It wouldn't allow my email programme to access emails.
May have changed but that was the way it was.

harrispc, Jul 3, 11:13am
it would have just been the pop3 and smtp settings that needed to be changed. But xtra could have told you something different to stear you away from changing? Outlook etc are universal clients and can be setup to any email (except hotmail etc)

simonfphotos, Jul 3, 11:50am
Actually it was one of the dirty tactics Xtra were using some years ago just after the 0867 debacle. They may not do it now. As I said it was some years ago

cursedone, Jul 4, 12:08am
The answer is yes you can......For a small fee to xtra you can keep your email address. It's just a matter of setting up the smtp right so you can send your email thru xtra while being logged on with farmside.

weasle, Jul 4, 10:53am
I changed from xtra to netsmart wireless and I kept my xtra email address for awhile, cost $2.50 a month from memory and yes,I can download the emails to outlook express with no problems.

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