i got a printer and no driver disk to load onto my

dabrudder, Jul 3, 11:35pm
I got a printer and no driver disk to load onto my comp, the printer is a brother dcp-130c an i have a compaq with windows 2000 where will i find software to load this printer to my comp??

kevin16, Jul 3, 11:37pm
Wild guess,.. the brother website?

gyrogearloose, Jul 3, 11:45pm
Yeahask the brother!

badcam, Jul 3, 11:46pm
The Bro, is in the Know!

missrat, Jul 3, 11:50pm
Yes have recently downloaded drivers for Brother & Epsom. Easily done if you google your Brother model details, & should find the drivers in there.

gyrogearloose, Jul 4, 12:01am
Yes, Epsom is a dangerous place and using a driver beats walking.

hakatere1, Jul 4, 12:46am
Confused yet? `

westernstar61, Jul 4, 1:22am
Some comps have auto finding for printers.

drcspy, Jul 4, 5:34am
Cant comprehend why some people (OP) just dont seem to use their heads and go to the OBVIOUS place to get drivers etc........WHO/WHERE THE HELL ELSE WOULD YOU LOOK ?.......

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