Printer Help Please

deanna4, Apr 16, 8:19am
Printer Help Please Hi everyone.. I am looking at buying a printer.. A resonably priced one.. i am looking for a Canon or Epson. Also one which prints directly to Cd. As i will be making cd covers for my up coming assignments at course.. any help would be awesome.. thanks

charles.j, Apr 16, 9:05am
.... not sure on the printing to cd's. however Lightscibe could also be an option for you. I've found Hp printers to be fantastic. however their software can become a little annoying.

deanna4, Apr 16, 9:32am
Lightscribe The thing is i have a Mac and it is quite hard to find a internal light scribe writer, compatible for mac.. and also a printer for my cd covers also.. but thanks

charles.j, Apr 16, 10:06am
.... ah well.. now that you mention mac lol.. like i said before on the printing onto cd's part.. not sure on a model there. however every hp i've come across has mac support..

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