1 printer and 3 computers

zak1998, Jul 5, 1:57am
1 printer and 3 computers Can you help me on this one. What do I need to make all 3 computers work off the same printer all at the same time and can I get it here on trade me. Printer is a HP C5280

r.g.nixon, Jul 5, 2:00am
You just need the computers to be on the same network (ethernet or wireless LAN)

mikek, Jul 5, 2:00am
Are all the printers on a network if so you can use a print server - print server connects the printer to the network and then you connect to it. Easiest way although some print servers can be troublesome.. like mine :)

kevin16, Jul 5, 2:14am
K, without any more hardware and as above, assuming all computers are on a network, you can install the printer to one (main)computer and share it over the network,.. or your router may have a usb port you can use,....

zak1998, Jul 5, 2:14am
No network but all go to a router for the internet would it work this way? the printer only has a USB cord.

r.g.nixon, Jul 5, 2:16am
Well, set up your computers to see each other. Your router dishes out compatible IP addresses.

drcspy, Jul 5, 2:17am
Connect the printer to one pc ............then set it as a 'shared printer' in printer properties....then on the other pc's add a 'network printer' (printer folder in control panel). yo'll be able to print from any pc that's got it installed so long as the pc the printer is connected to is on.....

kevin16, Jul 5, 2:25am
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