Can anyone recommend a printer that

tm-addict, Jul 5, 3:28am
Can anyone recommend a printer that would be ideal for a Automotive business office...So a sml to med business...ideal for printing invoices etc. There are so may on here, but i want one that does a good quality job is user friendy and is economical on ink? Any ideas on make and model would be cool thanks

0800xford, Jul 5, 3:30am
B&W only? laser is a good choice.

0800xford, Jul 5, 5:05am
i want one just because it has a laser, i don't really need one, per se.

sparkyz, Jul 5, 6:13am
Laserjet 1022N We have one in the workshop office. Works well for printing on light card(job cards) and A4 paper. Good B&W photo output too.

morrisman1, Jul 5, 6:16am
We have a laser at home its a Brother HL-2040, but the new model is the HL-2140. New one has a larger cache. They can be picked up cheaply and our toner cartridge has lasted over a year now, with normal home printing and its the smaller included cartridge. Replacement ones are rated for 2500 pages. Im not saying that it is the best around but has certainly been a good buy for us. Dont get an inkjet, you don't really need colour for invoices and ink is expensive.

morrisman1, Jul 5, 6:17am
From memory the brother has a duty cycle of 30,000 pages per year, so its highly unlikely that you will exceed that.

morrisman1, Jul 5, 6:18am
Google tells me 10,000 pages per month so 120,000 pages per year. Or 240 reams of paper.

nzmu, Jul 5, 5:24pm
If you need a multifuction and colour have a look at the new HP's. The 6500 does 1200pages for about $60 and the L7590 does 2450pages for around $80 (those are black carts), colour is economical too. The laser carts for the Brother HL2140 do 1600pages for $80 and 2500 for $110.

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