Broadband companies offering ADSL2+ plans?

r32skyliner, Jul 5, 4:57am
Broadband companies offering ADSL2+ plans? Just wondering if anyone can reccomend a good broadband company, reasonable price would be nice, but more worried about service and datacaps than anything. I'm in an ADSL2+ capable area. Thanks! Happily spend about $100 a month, don't care about a phoneline all that much.

morrisman1, Jul 5, 5:03am
Have a mate on telecom total home which is 2+ and 10gb. Good service and they arent very good at slowing you down when you go over your cap, "Oh bugger!" It's a good fast connection. I think they pay just over $100 for that and it has their phone line included with free national landline calls, cheaper rates to telecom mobies.

r32skyliner, Jul 5, 6:04am
Ahh ok, hmm not bad I guess, but nowhere near enough bandwidth for me. Cheers though!

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