Waste ink absorber on Cannon printer is full

john946, Jul 5, 9:25am
Waste ink absorber on Cannon printer is full Waste ink absorber on Cannon printer is full
Can someone tell me how to fix the message coming up on my Cannon PIXMA MP130/110 printer "waste ink absorber is full. Refer to manual." In the guide that came with the printer, there is no reference to clearing the waste ink absorber, or even naming the part. Can someone help me identify the part & how to clean/replace this. Many thanks.

skin1235, Jul 5, 9:30am
That message comes up on a page counter a long while ago I googled for the answer, most were remove the power transformer completely for an hour, clean out the wee small tray ( and any spillage - strip the bottom off to get to it)and refit the power pack again, the printer restarts at zero page count

hakatere1, Jul 5, 1:35pm
There's a series of resume and start button pushes to reset the message. You're just as capable of finding it as I by searching it at www.fixyourownprinter.com

gyrogearloose, Jul 5, 9:34pm
I recommend this link http://repair4printer.org/disassembly_canon.html then the bottom link on the page 'panic: reset the counter' then step 6 'reset the counter'. This gives the procedure to enter service mode and press the right buttons for a reset. I disassembled my iP3000 to get to the inkpads, only to realise you will never be able to find or make new ones - they're huge!

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