program to export ms access db to sql?

Program to export ms access db to sql? got a situation where i need to somehow export over 10,000 contacts from outlook 2007 and then import them into a mysql database using phpmyadmin, ive so far managed to export the outlook contacts to a ms access database file, where i can edit columns etc.. but i need to somehow export this to a compatible *.sql file which i can then load onto a database table using phpmyadmin. could anyone point me in the right direction?

geek_chessman, Jul 5, 10:35 pm

Access should have an export option to sql file. It does in the 07 version.

geek_harrispc, Jul 5, 10:36 pm

Phpmyadmin will import a CSV file it's reasonably easy to do.

geek_radiowaves, Jul 5, 10:37 pm