If 1GB camera card will hold 1600 of my photos,

If 1GB camera card will hold 1600 of my photos, roughly how many would I get on 128mb memory of photo frame? The maths is beyond me! Thanks for help.

geek_tabitha, Jul 6, 2:49 pm

Come off it.................1gb is 1000mb you work it out..........jeez.....

geek_drcspy, Jul 6, 2:52 pm

Lol pretty simple calculation..

geek_hayster94, Jul 6, 2:52 pm

With those calculations 200 photos

geek_mysteryman007, Jul 6, 2:52 pm

Bout 192 based on those figures.

geek_harrispc, Jul 6, 2:53 pm

1gb is roughly 1000mb .

geek_mone, Jul 6, 2:53 pm

(1000/1600) * 128 = .........wtf is hard about that ?

geek_drcspy, Jul 6, 2:55 pm

But I'm ((((olldddd)))))) Thanks everybody. (Not going to admit i didn't know how many mg in a gb, lol)But my photo frame IS going to do what I want!!!

geek_tabitha, Jul 6, 3:00 pm


geek_0800xford, Jul 6, 3:09 pm

You could scale the pictures down to match the resolution of the picture frame. Then you will be able to fit more in and the frame won't have to use it's own scaling methods.

geek_cybertao, Jul 6, 3:14 pm

Oh lord! That's getting complicated cybertao, as the frame is wide screen & the photos aren't. What I am doing, is getting the frame to run a slideshow from other folders than the first on the flashdrive (as they all seem to do).Am going to try putting a different folder into memory of frame & running slideshow from there. Thanks.

geek_tabitha, Jul 6, 3:47 pm

Not so simple 1gb is 1024mb = formatted to 970mb . . 970mb devided by 1600 = 6mb average each.

geek_mrfxit, Jul 6, 4:17 pm

Now break that down to the 128mb & see what happens

geek_mrfxit, Jul 6, 4:18 pm

tabitha - you're STILL trying to do this?

geek_0800xford, Jul 6, 4:19 pm

While you're at it, mrfxitwhy not muddy the water a little more by bringing cluster size into the mix. Files take up more space then they actually are as the size on the storage medium is rounded to the next cluster. 128MB can be formated in FAT16 using 2kB clusters, while 1024MB in FAT16 uses 32KB clusters.

geek_cybertao, Jul 6, 4:31 pm

LOL Cyberto Nun, making it real muddy would be asking them what resolution the photo's are. BUT seeing as YOU asked ;-) 21

geek_mrfxit, Jul 6, 6:19 pm

Cheap photoframes are lower then DVD resolution so you can munch the photos down to a couple of 100k and not notice any degrdation. so that would be about 1000 photos give or take...

geek_richms, Jul 6, 7:29 pm

Excuse me - just going to put my head under the pillow! Yes oxford, still going! We're talking maybe 14,000 photos, but I'm up to 2007, so getting there. keeps me out of mischief too lol.

geek_tabitha, Jul 6, 8:05 pm

It's 1 eighth of the total.. 1,2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256,512,1024. So 200 will be close. But, depending on the makeup of the photo's, it will vary as not all photo's are the same number of bytes. Also, I suspect you will be restricted to a max number of files in the firmware before you run out of space.

geek_d.snell, Jul 6, 8:43 pm