ADSL speed readings?

ADSL speed readings? Hi. Can someone explain these figures, for my DSL-502T modem? Downstream, 13 dB, upstream 24 dB. Line Attenuation
32, downstream and 22 upstream. Data Rate 6240 kbps down and 160 kbps upstream. I remember being told, sometime ago, you can work out how far you are from the telephone exchange. Was wondering if, with these figures, I will ever get ADSL +2? Thanks, Ian.

geek_ianalice1, Apr 17, 11:17 am

Depends IF ADSL2 has been installed in your exchange, Depends if your router is ADSL2 capable, and it Depends WHEN they will release ADSL2 plans......

geek__sexylady_, Apr 17, 11:37 am

Further to above . . You can check if your exchange is ADSL2+ enabled here: . . . . If copper lines in your area are the standard NZ Telecom gauge then, based on your figures in #1, your distance is 2.3Km from your exchange (downstream line attenuation divided by 13.81 = distance in Km). For optimal benefit of an ADSL2+ 24Mbps plan, you should be sitting on top of the exchange. 0 to 2 Km will be progressively degraded. Over 2Km is not worth it as you are essentially getting speeds similar to that of regular broad-band.

geek_oberkat, Apr 17, 12:26 pm

Adsl?? Thanks, Sexylady. I do have a ADSL+2 modem, but going by what, Oberkat has said, seems I won't get it anyway.

geek_ianalice1, Apr 17, 1:28 pm

Read link below regarding Dlink and ADSL2+,7730/7730_adsl2plus_consultation_doc_060907.pdf

geek_spyware, Apr 17, 5:31 pm