ati DVI-HDMI adapter

Ati DVI-HDMI adapter Anyone knows where I can buy an ati dvi to hdmi dongle made for ati graphics cards?

geek_sticknbonez, Jul 7, 12:01 am

Whats so special about the ATI ones? HDMI is just DVI with digital audio bundled into the same cable. Does ATI somehow bundle the audio into their DVI connector?

geek_morrisman1, Jul 7, 12:05 am

Should have received one with your card

geek_swivel, Jul 7, 8:46 am

If your card is capible of putting audio out through the video card you should have received one with your card.

geek_baker-assoc, Jul 7, 9:09 am

hdmi is single link DVI without the analog video pins - any adapter will work with any card.

geek_richms, Jul 7, 9:10 am