ati DVI-HDMI adapter

sticknbonez, Jul 6, 12:01pm
Ati DVI-HDMI adapter Anyone knows where I can buy an ati dvi to hdmi dongle made for ati graphics cards?

morrisman1, Jul 6, 12:05pm
Whats so special about the ATI ones? HDMI is just DVI with digital audio bundled into the same cable. Does ATI somehow bundle the audio into their DVI connector?

swivel, Jul 6, 8:46pm
Should have received one with your card

baker-assoc, Jul 6, 9:09pm
If your card is capible of putting audio out through the video card you should have received one with your card.

richms, Jul 6, 9:10pm
hdmi is single link DVI without the analog video pins - any adapter will work with any card.

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