USB to VGA adaptors how..

hsw, Jul 7, 5:47am
USB to VGA adaptors how.. USB to VGA adaptors how good are they..
I have a laptop and currently use a two screen extended desktop using the vga socket.. if i can i want to go to three screen the note book screen and two others.. this is not for gaming .. is for s/sheeting analysis and the like..
had a look at but cant justify the cost..

Are the usb vga adaptors any good


laforet, Jul 7, 8:46am
Possible, try before you buy Most graphics unit only have support for two simultaneous frames or two monitors merged into one desktop. While an additional USB graphics will allow more monitors to be connected you may and may not be able to extend your desktop onto that one.

dunedin_ree, Jul 7, 9:00am
I'd suggest buying a widescreen monitor rather than going for three different screens (speaking as someone that does a reasonable amount of spreadsheet and document work).

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