acer aspire 5930 wireless

Acer aspire 5930 wireless help the stupid thing wont pick up wireless, the light wont come on for wirless even when i push it, arg

geek_bubzpoos, Jul 7, 7:39 pm

it used to and now it doesn't or it never did [ie new set up]?

geek_0800xford, Jul 7, 8:12 pm

It used too has done for the last six months, then yesturday the net went down i switch everything off and the light on the laptop wont come on and pick up a network, when i push the button nothing happens, it cant find any network to connect to

geek_bubzpoos, Jul 8, 5:35 pm

have you moved anything around your house like a portable phone or any similar device? what kind of wireless do you have ie wireless internet like meraki or woosh or vodafone 3g etc or just wireless in your house like a router [modem] with an aerial on it?

geek_0800xford, Jul 8, 6:03 pm

Thanks for the advice i got grumpy and did a restore and internet came back, i hadn't moved anything, we have the d-link wireless with telecom, we have to reset modem and wirless at lease four times a week by unplugging them for 3 minutes, thanks for your help.

geek_bubzpoos, Jul 8, 7:49 pm

ok cool

geek_0800xford, Jul 8, 7:52 pm