Windows 7 64bit Favour

kylea_damien, Jul 7, 11:52am
Windows 7 64bit Favour Anyone out there running 64bit 7100 i need a repair disk, I Installed via USB drive which i dont have now and the image is on the pc which wont boot. Tried a x86 repair cd didnt work...

hayster94, Jul 7, 12:58pm
Yep im using that

kylea_damien, Jul 8, 12:13am
I gave up about 2 min before you posted this Downloaded the ISO again
Now have the repair cd made just in case.

mattie47, Jul 8, 12:35am
Tis a shame you had to redownload RC1, I mean, since RTM comes out on Monday (from memory). Can't wait to install RTM! =)

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