Anyone buying the new iPhone 3G S?

Anyone buying the new iPhone 3G S? As it comes out tomorrow in Vodafone stores. If so, will you be using it on Vodafone or Telecom's XT network?

geek_zephyr8, Jul 9, 9:00 pm

NoI already have the 3G one, will wait until next year see what the next version has, or might change to the HTC Magic 3G.

geek_cessna3, Jul 9, 9:07 pm

I was going to Camp outside Colombo Street tonight but I'm going to wait for Telecom because of Vodafail's ridiculous pricing! Or might bring on in from eBay.

geek_45kiwi, Jul 9, 9:14 pm

On = one* &0;

geek_45kiwi, Jul 9, 9:15 pm

Yeah I have to totally but not suprisingly agree About the plans. I think I'm gonna buy it out straight through VF's online store with no contract, and then switch it over to Telecom. As I'm pretty sure this can be done (please tell me if I'm wrong!)

geek_zephyr8, Jul 9, 9:19 pm

Telecom is driving me crazy with their 'no comment to make' policy about whether or not they'll be selling the iPhone. I have no choice but the XT network (at the moment) but I'm not keen on paying full price for one from Vodafone and then trying it on the XT network. Telecom have confirmed it will work, but are being evasive on things like tethering (which I really want/need).

geek_gerty, Jul 9, 9:20 pm

Have they fixed the far too hot issue..? ...

geek_gibler, Jul 9, 9:27 pm

, iPhone 3G/3GS work absolutely wonderful on Telecom XT (better than on Vodafone). Tethering works sweet!

geek_45kiwi, Jul 9, 9:49 pm

They deff work on the xt network, and they work great !!! i brought mine outright and put it straight on xt !

geek_rotorhoe, Jul 9, 9:51 pm

RePricing Last time I checked, you could get 6GB of mobile broadband on Voda for ~$90, and it costs $18 for 240MB on XT.. Is this wrong? You can break that down to $15/GB vs $80+/GB.. So what exactly is it that you are waiting for?

geek_kanga-roo, Jul 10, 9:57 am

Yeah.. I don't need 6GB of data and Telecom is just better for me.

geek_45kiwi, Jul 10, 10:15 am

Well, I was hoping Telecom would actually sell it, so I wouldn't have to buy it outright. But I'm sick of waiting, so I'll just go ahead and buy one from and use it on XT.

geek_gerty, Jul 11, 11:15 am

, Question for you...with the tetheringdid you use the carrier file from geekzone? or something else.

geek_gerty, Jul 11, 11:16 am

.I have a 3G on Telecom, and will be upgraded to the 3GS when money permits. Got to agree though, the Vodafone plans are horrible. Way too expensive. I get 1500 texts (any network, 120mb and 50 minutes on Telecom for around $50 a month. Loving it. Plus 3G speeds are good, coverage is great, tethering works fine. Win.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 11, 11:53 am

Just be warey of it the new Iphone 3gs overheating

geek_johnf_456, Jul 11, 2:27 pm

Its not over heating they have discovered that it is some of the cases people are using causing the phone to overheat

geek_malachiman, Jul 11, 3:29 pm

Its not that great its only got a few differences than the 3g

geek_joshboy123, Jul 11, 3:34 pm