Laptop power adapter getting hot

Laptop power adapter getting hot is this normal? I have had 3 now and they all seem to get bloody hot, this last one I just got even makes a noise when it is plugged in?

geek_soft_furnishing, Jul 9, 10:00 pm

That's normal uhh except for the noise.. what sort of noise?

geek_45kiwi, Jul 9, 10:03 pm

Sort of a peircing humming noise , not really loud but I noticed it and relised it was coming from the adapter

geek_soft_furnishing, Jul 9, 10:07 pm

Some transformers just do it I had a BenQ laptop that came with a really hot and squeaky power brick, it survived three years of heavy use.

geek_laforet, Jul 9, 10:07 pm

Yep They do get hot, but the noise is not good, if it's really loud, google it and see what comes up.
Make sure you have the matching, voltage and amp rating.

geek_hoeta, Jul 10, 2:02 am

Are they real ones or counterfeit ones off ebay or here (Sold as "replacement" by most sellers) - Fair go should do that not the bloody hair straightners...

geek_richms, Jul 10, 10:29 am

Yep I agree I bought a replacement for my laptop and it fell apart after 6 months, I dont believe it was an original HP replacement although it was written on the side of it.

geek_toybox, Jul 10, 4:03 pm