Where do I find system restore in Vista??

kiwigal, Jul 9, 9:33pm
Where do I find system restore in Vista?? Can anyone help???

tui093, Jul 9, 9:35pm
Restart the computer then press F11 to go to the restore page

kevin16, Jul 9, 9:39pm
Http://is.gd/1sFoY if you bookmark this site,.........

drcspy, Jul 9, 9:39pm
that's more likely 'system recovery' and not necessarily the same key for different brands.....SYSTEM RESTORE is found in start/programs/accessories/system tools

kiwigal, Jul 9, 9:41pm

drcspy, Jul 9, 9:42pm
And.........if you were to bring up 'system recovery' instead you could very well end up wiping your system.....completely back to factory original.....

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