Serial port vs USB port.

keys, Jul 10, 12:35am
Serial port vs USB port. Howdy. I have an old Epson 600 printer which works very well for me. It's got a serial (or parallel) port into the back of my "old" desktop. I've just purcahsed a new desktop which hasn't got that port. Can I adapt the cables? I'd like to keep the Ebson as the running costs are extriemely cheap. I've got other printers which work via USB but am reluctant to pay 4 times the price for ink. Thanks.

soodanim, Jul 10, 12:39am
Compatible inks are cheap enoughbut anyway....<br />+to+usb&type=Search

keys, Jul 10, 12:43am
Just call me thick. I would understand if you did. Didn't even consider searching for that link. Much appreciated. You've saved me many more $s than the price of the adapter.

gibler, Jul 10, 12:44am
You'd need an adapter like

gibler, Jul 10, 12:46am
Or search trademe for "parallel to usb"

keys, Jul 10, 12:49am
Yip, did that too gibler. Consider a "high five" offered to you two.

mrfxit, Jul 10, 1:49am
Check the motherboard spec's It MAY already have the pin set on there & you just need a paralell cable extention on the back.

keys, Jul 10, 3:28am

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