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nessha, Apr 16, 11:32am
Cost vs Quality - PRINTER Hi all - hoping someone can give me some advise please. I am a habitual buyer of the WRONG types of printers. My son is special needs are relies on picture exchange cards for communication, so as you will see the quality of printing needs to be pretty good as does the price of consumables. Can someone please recommend a good quality - not too expensive and economical to run printer. Thanks in advance :-)

1clickaway, Apr 16, 12:46pm
Epson Very good and very reliable. And easy on the cost. Canon close second for me. (only because of the size dpi I can get from Canon) HP great for poster size. Brother has less ink storage. Lexmark printer is cheaper than their ink! Back to Epson. For borderless and CD Rom printing.. :)

nzmu, Apr 16, 5:25pm
Definitely Epson... plain printer - the CX90 or multifunction - CX5500 both under $100 and excellent print - and well priced individual carts. Canon are good but seems that most of their new printers use tri-colour carts so there can be a lot of waste.

crab2, Apr 16, 8:08pm
Epson here too .

acoustic_roy, Apr 17, 12:21am
Go to your local public library . . . and read the Consumer mag reviews for advice on quality and running costs.

barmanmyk, Apr 17, 7:45am
Epson here too I use a canon for my photos, but the consumables are very pricey. You can also get a 'bulk' ink system that will cut the costs down - not good for archiving photos, but for visual communication it's perfect.

vtecintegra, Apr 17, 7:50am
... Spend the extra and get a colour laser. Will work out cheaper in the long run.

brp, Apr 17, 7:58am
Epson here 2 ive just brought a new epson cx8300 is great an economical 2

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