Brother mfc-260 not printing straight

jojo76, Jul 10, 9:38pm
Brother mfc-260 not printing straight A few days ago i had a paper jam, so pulled it out but i seem to have done somehting to it, as now it won't print could i rectify this..hopefully it does'nt need repair.eeekkkk

drcspy, Jul 10, 9:45pm
If it does well dont bother it'd cost you far more to even get a tech to look at it than to buy a new printer.

drcspy, Jul 10, 9:46pm
Check the paper guides are set correctly and that theres not any paper still in there and goto controlpanel/printers/.....right clik it and then clik properties and then somewhere in the printer properties might be a 'maintenance' function the 'print head alignment'....

jojo76, Jul 10, 9:57pm
It is still under warranty but they could say it did it, pulling the paper out cause the bit of paper was really jammed up one side and had to pull quite hard to get it out. I just did an alligment and had made no difference

gouber7, Jul 10, 10:03pm
Warranties don't cover paper jams or the effects of them

nzmu, Jul 10, 10:18pm
Sounds like you damaged itcheaper to go buy a new one unfortunately.

jojo76, Jul 10, 11:02pm
Well i feel a bit of an idgit lol..looked at the back of the printer and there is a cover, and it had popped out about 1cm on one side..put it back in place and it is going as good as gold..thanks for your help anyway :)

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