OS X transformation package

rowan11, Apr 17, 10:26am
OS X transformation package I thought i'd post the link to this file as this helped me make my mind up about switching from Windows to OS X check it out...http://www.flyakiteosx.com/

dunedin_ree, Apr 17, 10:37am
That's so wrong. it might make it "look like" a Mac, but it still has what looks like a Start menu and taskbar. Eugh.

rowan11, Apr 17, 10:40am
I know lol but gives you a fair idea of what to expect if you switch over though

dunedin_ree, Apr 17, 10:44am
Those things make my brain turn inside out. I'm totally used to a Mac, and very familiar with XP. Yet when you sit me in front of THAT, my brain can't comprehend that it looks like a Mac but that you still treat it like an upside-down PC. And I get what you mean about the icons, look & feel etc but I still don't think that gives you a good idea of how it will work. N00bs will just go "oh, so it's shiny and the start menu is at the top instead of the bottom". Each to their own, I guess.

mairehau, Apr 17, 11:04am
MAGPIES!!! *Slinks off and downloads it*

mairehau, Apr 17, 12:02pm
Hmmm, Doesint even seem half bad I still think the real thing is better tho lol

morrisman1, Apr 17, 1:31pm
Ive found that nothing seemed to work nicely on it the start menu was always fighting with rocketdock for minimising rights! i guess the start menu is just too engrained into windows. like a prison branding on your hand!

rowan11, Apr 17, 7:45pm
Lol morriesman1 I couldn't agree more, I'm pretty sure thats why I uninstalled the OS X pack lol but saying that I went out and brought a Mac Mini not to long after got a pretty good system too

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