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kitty251, Jul 13, 4:54am
Iphone 3gs I'm wanting to get one of these, but not sure whether to go with telecom or vodafone? anyone have an iphone on either telecom or vodafone, which works better? I don't want to get one on a plan, but will obviously need data. how much browsing etc can you do for 250MB??

dunedin_ree, Jul 13, 5:01am
Depends on what you're doing have a look at how much data you're using now - that should give you some indication. Obviously things like Youtube will suck up more data; and if you have wireless at home/work, then you won't be using your mobile data when you're in range. 250MB is really suited to emailing and light browsing (not that you can really do "heavy" browsing on an iphone due to the lack of flash support in Safari).

rotorhoe, Jul 13, 5:11am
I have 120mb on telecom, and i have used only 6mb in 12days ! i mainly use the wireless signal at home/work so only need the 3g data wen out and aboutconsidering dropping back plans

flyfish, Jul 13, 5:25am
I was on Vodafone with my 3G but went back to telecom and put it on the XT network, best thing I ever did, MUCH faster and coverage, well lets just say Vodafone was CRAP! I could not get 3G signal looking at wellington city from my house in Roseneath!! I have the 240mb plan a month from XT but I'm a pretty heavy browser so will go to their 500mb plan next month and drop back my phone plan to suit. I tend to use just over the 250mb a month. I have wifi at home and work.

suicidemonkey, Jul 13, 5:26am
.Totally agree with

kitty251, Jul 13, 6:04am
thanks for your comments. I'm leaning towards telecom, so i guess i'll have to change numbers which will be a pain. i will probably get the 250MB of data and see how it goes. Do you think telecom will start selling iphones with plans? I will probably just purchase direct from apple as i dont really want a plan anyway, but if they turn out to be much cheaper than vodafones plans i might consider it.

flyfish, Jul 13, 6:06am
You don't need to change your number these days with number portability, I had an 0274 for years, took the same number to Vodafone where I was still 0274 XXXXXX then back to Telecom.

polignac, Jul 13, 6:07am
Telecom is better in terms of 3g coverage. Be wary that you can only "top up" once every 30 days for data allowance. If you don't use 3g data for instant messaging such as msn or youtubing a lot, then 240mb is more than plenty.

kitty251, Jul 13, 6:41am
sorry one more question, if i dont use all of the data (240MB) in one month does it carry over to the next month?

dunedin_ree, Jul 13, 6:42am

kiwigal, Jul 13, 7:32am
Just spoke to my mate that works in Telecom shop If you have a Iphone & you get a problem or don't know how to set it up they don't care They don't want to know about phones which they don't sell. That's a quote from the shop here in Rotorua & my mates shop. It's just a small warning...

kitty251, Jul 13, 7:50am
is it hard to set-up with telecom. I mean its just a matter of putting in the SIM card right?

rotorhoe, Jul 13, 7:51am
Completly diff here in chch then, they didnt care wat sorta phone it is, were just happy to help out...

dunedin_ree, Jul 13, 7:51am
Noyou have to enter the data & sms addresses into the config.

flyfish, Jul 13, 7:52am
Piece of cake yes insert sim and go, but if you want to use SMS and tethering you'll need the carrier update from geekzone.co.nz. Simple to install, just follow the instructions. I had a work colleague try his prepaid xt sim in phone today and worked perfectly as well.

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