One Phone Line - Two ADSL connections?

sighkick, Jul 13, 6:47am
One Phone Line - Two ADSL connections? There is a British torrent Capper who says he has THREE modems. I wonder if he has three phone lines or is it possible to have three modems on one connection? I really could do with two connections so that I can do a bit of serious downloading (after hours) on that new Telecom service. I do know that my one line can MUX voice (or dial-up) and ADSL at the same time.

rhys.m, Jul 13, 6:51am
Not possible

flewy, Jul 13, 6:58am
And really no point

mikep2000, Jul 13, 7:10am
you will need a second line most houses have a two pair service lead going into them but some might only have 1 pair or the second pair might be damaged.

skin1235, Jul 13, 7:39am
How to hell would you work that anyway your computer is not going to maintain connection on one and start a connection on a second. so you need 2 computers - not a problem- then you do have a problem unless you're downloading to different files, cos you cannot dictate to download the front half on one computer and the back half on the other.. plus any reasonable capped or unlimited is at least $40 per month mostly more, and you want 2 of them, double the costs plus double the line rental, your phone bill has doubled so you can download 2 files at the same slow speed as before, just doesn't make sense

kevin16, Jul 13, 7:46am
Sounds like you associate with 'spinners', ,.. tell him if he put racing stripes on them he'll get an extra 10% speed increase,

rhys.m, Jul 13, 8:05am
Ever heard of firewalls which support load balancing on multiple WAN interfaces? One could easily be setup using an old linux box. However the OP already stated what he would use 2 ADSL connections for. Have a download box sitting on Telecoms Big Time to download 24/7 and use his current ADSL plan for general web browsing.

tessal, Jul 13, 8:18am
Its not unheard of for the folk in the UK to have access to 3 lines in the house, consider what he would pay for 3 lines, compared to what we get and pay for.. just one stinking line. he could have all 3 lines for the price of what it costs us just to have 1 line in. and he would be on sick speed. 6 years ago my mate in the UK hosted a iRC server on one line, a 24/7 ftp and the other was just general web stuff. believeable in the UK definately.

ferita, Jul 13, 8:22am
You can do it ,, its called shotgunning or multilinking. You need a special account with your ISP (MLPPP account. You will also need an expensive Cisco router (or similar) to get it working.

sighkick, Jul 13, 8:36am
Thanks for all your inputThe idea is to leave my current connection with fixed IP for my web hosting and other related activities. I pay $10 per 10Gb [in 10Gb blocks so 12 Gigs is $20!] which gets expensive if you use that for downloading heaps. The new Telecom service at $59.95 pm UNLIMITE with Telecom Phone [which I have] sounds just perfect. My ISP routes thru and I think Aussies tough policies on file sharing is affecting my emmmmm, endeavours here in Kiwi. Most other ISP's in NZ go via which does not seem to be affected the same way. Anyway, it was just a thought.

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