What is a good cheap ADSL modem

What is a good cheap ADSL modem Have finally taken the punge and joined xnet. I know precisely nothing about ADSL modems other than the Dlink ones like Telecom hand out are crap. So what is a good CHEAP modem (definitely under $100, less if poss)? I like to buy from www.pp.co.nz so if someone knowledgable could point one out there I would be grateful :-) I will not be networking; there is only one PC in this house. Running Vista.

geek_waipawa, Apr 18, 8:43 am

No sutch thing as good and cheap. there is 2 brands who are the best makes Linksys or us-robotics,3com. I got a usr-modem/router from here for 80 bux 2 year ago tells me all problems with ads in diagnostics. make sure to get a modem-router not a plain router. and dont ever buy any d-link junk.

geek_intrade, Apr 18, 8:47 am

150949916 Great buying.

geek_hdmovies, Apr 18, 8:50 am

RE# 3 yup nothing beats it i run the non vireless version of exactly this modem , i also protect it and the pc with a ups uninterrupded powersupply and i unplug all phone lines if i hear or see lightning.

geek_intrade, Apr 18, 8:58 am

Dlink 502 I use the dlink 502t with a 5 point switch works fine

geek_ministox, Apr 18, 11:59 am

If you're with Xnet then you just might want to consider a Lynksys with a built in ATA so that you can ditch Telecom completely and use Xnet's VOIP service. Xnet Fusion plan. At this stage Xnet's VOIP service only allows the use of Linksys routers.

geek_badcam, Apr 18, 12:42 pm

Not ture you can use other routers with the correct phone adapter for their VOIP service.

geek_hdmovies, Apr 18, 2:10 pm

7. And what do Xnet tell you the correct phone adaptor is? A Linksys ATA! They don't won't let you use anything else. Of course, there are nefarious ways to get around it.

geek_badcam, Apr 18, 7:09 pm

Am I making a mistake going with xnet? Thanks for your comments folks :-) Just been reading forums at geekzone and gameplanet. It sounds like there has been major slowness on xnet for a while with no assurance of when the problem will be fixed. In fact, as far as I can make out, the problem is too many customers and not enough bandwidth. By joining will I just be adding to their problems (and mine)? A shame, as I can just barely afford xnet. All the other ISP's are markedly more expensive. Not sure what to do now...

geek_waipawa, Apr 18, 9:42 pm

RE #2 its such a good deal that swivel has already hit the buynow lol, snooze & you lose ...........

geek_madazu, Apr 18, 10:37 pm

SMC modems are fine They are made in the Linksys factoy.. places like ascent etc probably have them

geek_vtecnet, Apr 19, 12:18 pm

Xnet's fine. you'll easily get the max speed out of their 256k plan - presuming you're choosing their cheaper broadband plan.

geek_hdmovies, Apr 19, 2:28 pm

Pick 2: reliable, cheap, fast.... no but really ADSL modems are a hard one, as most of the cheap ones and even a number of the expensive ones are not that great... DLink has a bad name, but don't confuse it with Dynalink, which are cheap and some would say good...

geek_gaspard, Apr 21, 1:51 pm

Madazu Yep. A customer was in talking about Wireless. I showed him the Auction and he said "yep i'll have it" so got it for the customer. otherwise I use D-link (don't say anything intrade). Also have a Wireless Linksys wrt54g here at the shop.

geek_swivel, Apr 21, 2:25 pm