Acer or Asus laptop?

Acer or Asus laptop? Which would be the most reliable brand out of those two. I have heard a few negative things about Acers, but not so much Asus. Don't want a lemon, the price range for both the ones I'm looking at is about $1700.
Any feedback would be great.

geek_actros2, Jul 15, 7:30 pm

I've had Asus and been very happy with it. Except when I closed the screen with the cap of my USB stick on the keyboard! One new screen later all was well. At the time I purchased it (about 3 1/2 yrs ago) Acer laptops had quite a negative rep, but I could not be sure how good they are today.

geek_mojo49, Jul 15, 7:33 pm

We swear by them In this family.
My son uses an Asus lappy for Gaming on.

Asus' Service via the 0800 number is brill8iant, any problems we have had have been corrected by a couriered DVD .


Those who have been scathing about these brands, what experience have they had of them or are they simply pissing in the wind?

geek_axelvonduisberg, Jul 15, 7:42 pm

my daughter had an Acer until recently it was 9 months old and needed new ram, a new cpu and a new wireless card, Acer stuffed her round and it took weeks to get back. Needless to say she is one of the negatives. But hers just may have been a dud i guess

geek_actros2, Jul 15, 7:47 pm

Asus laptops appear to be more reliable from what I've heard here and elsewhere but very expensive or impossible to repair when they break, because Asus (or the NZ agents) don't hold many spares - according to the tech who dealt with missus rua's Asus. Any techs here care to comment?

geek_rua69, Jul 15, 7:50 pm


geek_tool_shop173, Jul 15, 8:26 pm

Love my Asus. A+.

geek_badcam, Jul 15, 8:29 pm

Asus and my next lappy will be too,..

geek_kevin16, Jul 15, 8:34 pm

Have always thought Acer to be crap & have had bad experiences with them, not sure what the newer models are like in quality or longevity of life, but if you buy cheap then you cant really expect the earth & any manufacture can build a dud, no ones exempt from a flaky model.

geek_got2bin2win, Jul 15, 8:43 pm

My Vote is for ASUS.

geek_pcfix4u, Jul 15, 8:45 pm

Get between me and my Asus and I'll scratch your eyeballs out.

geek_datoofairy, Jul 15, 9:16 pm

What you got datoof?

geek_gerty, Jul 15, 9:35 pm

Acer suk they jerked me round with my cashbacknever got it, gave up in the end

geek_quotejoss, Jul 15, 9:40 pm

Hi Gerty This is the same as mine here 230151802 Not sure whats going on with that listing though, its on its second relisting and up until a few hours ago it was $799 Buy Now, start of $699. No idea why they've put the price up. As fabulous as I think mine is, I certainly wouldnt pay that much for a second hand one. Mine came with proper Vista and driver disks and had the full warranty's and I paid $1000 last November.

geek_datoofairy, Jul 15, 9:50 pm

7. Having said thatMy Wife has an Acer and it's been great for her.Does that have you confuzzled?

geek_badcam, Jul 15, 9:56 pm

Thanks for the replies. Looks like Asus it is. The model is the Asus PRO59LE-3 Notebook from DSE

geek_actros2, Jul 15, 10:29 pm

checkout the prices on

geek_brucie44, Jul 15, 11:51 pm

.Asus. ASUS ASUS ASUS. Acer are crap. Unreliable.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jul 16, 12:24 am

Asus k53k model,3g ram vista business 256 graphics wireless bluetooth 15.5 screen etc etc $1100 dse great machine

geek_newbie5, Jul 16, 7:02 am

Asus. I did some research be I bought my Asus a few years ago. It was the right decision.

geek_wyseman, Jul 16, 7:38 am

ASUS As a tech I can tell you Acer is the one I see most of them all with serious hardware problems, their helpdesk is overloaded (no kidding) and they go out of their way to be unhelpful.
ASUS are one of the few to actually use their own components in the laptops, and they are one of the Top 2 parts companies in the world. Thats why they are reliable.

geek_lythande1, Jul 16, 5:16 pm

To go against the grain I will never touch Asus again. Just after warranty expired battery stopped working (wouldn't charge), a replacement battery was $400, then the cd writer stopped writing, then it stopped reading, and then they keys started falling out. Piece of crap basically, I now have a Toshiba.

geek_jo-ann, Jul 16, 5:35 pm

Thanks for the replies. I think Asus have earned themselves a good rep. The major probs my daughter had with her 9 month old Acer, should have put us off to start I guess. Although a bit disappointed with the Asus sound on DVDs though.

geek_actros2, Jul 16, 5:38 pm