Acer lappy blardy slow to load

Acer lappy blardy slow to running win xp, just did full system scan (spybot , antivir and adaware), and ran ccleaner, de fragged, but still very slow, what other things can I look for , kids have been giving puter death over holidays and wonder if something they have done may have made thing worse?

geek_picksta, Jul 17, 12:53 pm

What number of things do you have running at system startup ?....take a look in the lower rigth hand side of the screen at the 'system tray' or 'notification area' as it's sometimes called...if theres more than a FEW things there that could very easily be a problem........then you could clik start/run then type in msconfig and tap enter then goto the 'startup ' tab on the msconfig box and UNTICK anything that's not totally strictly necessary......leave the antivirus ticked but that's about the only thing you really need....

geek_drcspy, Jul 17, 12:58 pm

How much c**p is on the HDD? check how much free space you have. If very little, you need to delete some stuff.

geek_johnmcd1, Jul 18, 5:40 pm

They're sold with minimal amount of ram too. Suggest adding more, at least 1 gig you'll notice a difference.

geek_babcorp, Jul 18, 5:46 pm

the amount of data on the hdd is not usually a factor in making a pc run slow......more likely is apps runnin at bootup and lack of ram ......

geek_drcspy, Jul 18, 6:55 pm

Ok..thanks Drspy Have done the msconfig thing and stopped a whole heap of stuff (not the antivir , firewall stuff), and hasn't really made much difference, noticed it is also slow loading new pages when on internet. What would be the (cheapest) way to go about getting more ram, or could it be something else?

geek_picksta, Jul 20, 11:19 am

Depends on how much it currently has - you can find out by right clicking 'My Computer' and choosing 'Properties'

geek_vtecintegra, Jul 20, 11:53 am

She has 512mb

geek_picksta, Jul 20, 11:57 am