Adding Paypal to Shopping Cart

emanu1, Jul 18, 10:04am
Please HELP! Adding Paypal to Shopping Cart I have a website set up with an E commerce Shopping Cart. I have set up Paypal, but have got a bit stuck halfway through! When you go through the checkout and click on "Send Order" it takes you to the Paypal page, but it is a login page. I wanted it to go to a page for customers to enter their credit card details straight away. It was set up as a Paypal Express Checkout. Can someone please give me a hint??!!

make_a_bid, Jul 18, 10:15am
Thats normal &0;

emanu1, Jul 18, 10:18am
How are people supposed to put the payments through then? (Excuse my ignorance, I haven't used Paypal before)

make_a_bid, Jul 18, 10:23am
If people are a member of paypal they will have thier billing and shipping details stored with paypal, So lets say i buy something from you and i have a paypal account, and which you must aswell? so i click what i want to buy and choose a payment method you have on your site. I choose payal, i click thier logo thingy and takes me to login page for paypal, i login, check what i am buying and costs are correct and then i click proceed to checkout(blah blah) and its done, they take my money, paypal gets a cut and you get yours.

emanu1, Jul 18, 10:29am
Thanks heaps, that makes it a lot clearer. I was reading on the site that you can also set it up so they pay through your website instead, so they don't need to have a paypal login. Is that easy to set up?

make_a_bid, Jul 18, 10:34am
Not sure on that one everytime ive used paypal to buy something, i always had to log into paypal 1st and go from there. Im not sure how you would go about paying by paypal and not loggin in to thier site 1st or are you talking about just using a credit card? bank transfer etc

jancemord, Jul 18, 10:47am
there may be a file or a section in your back end were you can enter your paypal user name and details so when the customer goes to pay the order is completed and they just pay via CC

suicidemonkey, Jul 18, 11:29am
.I'm pretty sure customers have to log into paypal before they can pay for something

njackson, Jul 19, 12:20pm
I've just been looking at I've just been looking at for our credit card payments. They look worthwhile using.
They can even accept payments from China.

malachiman, Jul 19, 10:59pm
Paymate is the way to go also they deposit the money straight into your account, we use them, Best fees by far

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