belkin wireless router and ADSL broadband

merlotkiwi, Jul 18, 10:12am
Belkin wireless router and ADSL broadband So I had my belkin wireless connected to Clear cable broadband in ChCh and it worked fine. No more cable as I am now in Oamaru, so I tried to connect my belkin wireless to my ADSL modem. Said ADSL modem works fine when wired, but not at all when wireless (wireless connection to pc fine, to internet not). Yes I have checked all cables, and I have gone round in circles in Windows Vista Network centre trying to get it to work. What dumbarsed bit of knowledge am I lacking to get this working? TIA =)

soodanim, Jul 18, 10:27am
Reset the wireless router back to default and start from scratch.

jbl, Jul 18, 10:01pm
I had the same prob when I was installing my Belkin. I rang the num on the box a few times and got so F*N wild talkin to sum Indian, they had to go deep into the system and change numberthey put me on to a supervisor in the end coz no one knew sh!t. Sorry cnt help you I just dont understand any of this computer stuff : )

jbl, Jul 18, 10:07pm
This is how my wires are set up on mine. the Blue cord is plus in to the green modum slot on the belkin (wireless) fm there it is pluged in to my providers dynalinkthen my yellow cord is pluged in to my belkin (wired computer port and that is pluged into my main hard drive thingy : ) is yours the same?? just thought Id ask cox I thk I had my dynalink plugged in instead at sum stage : )

kylea_damien, Jul 18, 10:34pm
Problem is on cable your cable modem is A layer 2 link so the belkin would have been setup to work with this, now you have a DSl router it will need reconfigured to work with the DSL modem. Get someone in who knows what they are doing would be the best bet. or reset the belkin and RTM

merlotkiwi, Jul 19, 1:40am
Aah thank you it seemed like a problem where the wireless couldn't see the modem, and I think that may be why. Ok, reset and a google for the manual looks like the way forward. Thanks.

got2bin2win, Jul 19, 5:39am
Your problem put quite simply is When you were on cable the belkin was set with a static ip address now you have changed isp or gone to ADSL you will need to change your WAN settings from the static option to PPPoE If you use a DSL modem and/or your ISP gave you a User Name and Password, then your connection type is PPPoE.

merlotkiwi, Jul 19, 9:19am
Thanks got2 I remember having a devil of a time getting those settings right last time, I guess it will just be getting to the right page to update them. Thanks for your help.

soodanim, Jul 19, 10:29am
Isn't it PPPOA ...every ISP I've been with uses PPPOA

spyware, Jul 19, 10:34am
Absolute crap as usual. Most ADSL in NZ is PPPoA NOT PPPoE and the ADSL modem takes care of the authentication NOT the router. Router can have WAN interface configured (will currently have TCL provided static IP address) to an address on same subnet as ADSL modem LAN interface.

spyware, Jul 19, 10:36am
So step number one is to determine what subnet your ADSL modem LAN interface is actually on - then you can configure router WAN interface.

merlotkiwi, Jul 19, 7:12pm
Ok, so can you talk me through finding the subnet? Where do I hunt?

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